Saturday, September 5, 2009

fakultu and bog satu

hello dikyan

kenapa semenjak dua menjak ni dik yan asyik tersasul?
nampak sangat rindu deena

anyway yan harith haritu tanya teka teki kat abah via text msge soalan dia cmni

harith:what is mummy's favourite song
abah:i dont know
harith:rap music
abah:I dont think so
harith:abah do you know whats mummy means
abah:(maybe abah tpikir sekejap)haha.erm.preserved body
hartith:yes that is why mumy love rap(as in wrap)
abah:(misti abah time ni rase cm bengong punye soalan)haha.then abah ckp..uve got me there
harith:actually wrap got you.ha ha he he hu hu(dia gelak cmni yan.haha.serius cam bengong)

so the conclusion is.jgn layan harith punye teka teki yg annoying.hahaha

Sunday, August 23, 2009

port dickson anyone?

we went for the department event in PD two weeks was quite fun( panas la.tak tahannn).a session of mingling around with the students as well as the crayziest collegue who happens to have a crack in their was indeed a fun things to do except having to have a class for the following day.

But PD was super fun for me during our ex degree reunion.i had the blast moment there.Riding on the banana boat(check)seafood session(check)and having fun all day long(check and check).hehe.being a mischiveous little lady that i am ive remembered knocking on the guys door to wake them up.that is just me btw.i loikeeee knocking on peoples door and have a good run after it.hehe.and it happened that the one who answer the door was this mischiveous closest friend of mine.unfortunately i am not able to bail myself out as i didnt manage to run on ive been caught red handed with the messiest look( rase2nye hari2 pun messy)haha.

i miss those day.nak hang out.nak jalan2.damn:)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

harith masterpiece

this is harith's masterpiece.a bit crappy.but im loving it.hehe.he has his own way to write his thought.sometime better than me.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

bekerja dihari sabtu sungguh menyeronokkan

owh readers(cewah cam ramai je readers padahal dik yan loser je yang baca)haha

i am waiting for my turn to educate the mine is the last sementara tunggu i have filled up my waiting hours with

a)u pastime favourite things to do.semenjak jadi warga yang bekerja ni lama dah tak buat aktiviti sia2 tengoklah crappy2 video seperti lagu sexy2 untuk menambahkan ilmu pengetahuan.haha
b)walapun begitu.kekejian taklah melampau the same time,print out nota untuk student2
c)all time fav-facebooking.since uitm tak banned so takla rindu sgt kat this site.haha(owh uitm please dont banned.or else.takde benda nak buat.cewah.padahal kerja banyak kot.haha
d)grab something to eat dekat kopitiam.mkn sorang2 smbil menengok cerita hindustan yang ditayangkan.sungguh kesedihan kan?haha

owh yan.i forgot to curi that lil boy's masterpiece.later ill post it out.hehe

Thursday, August 6, 2009

yan-i know you want me-you know i want cha

dear yan
i know u miss my blog so much kan?sebab tak habis2 suruh deena blogging.well due to my busy-ness,deena tak boleh nak update selalu.cewah.

what do you want me to blog about uh?because i have no 'idia' at all.haha.its been a long time ive blogged so ive run out of idea here.anyway lets have a recap on my concurrent life.nak tak yan?haha.

1)almost 2 months ive been working and i think im enjoying every bit of it
2) owh yan have u read harith's latest master piece?superb duperb.nanti deena post kat sini.haha
3)do you think im going to get married sooner yan? you?do you?(errrrr.gile ape)

haha.ok sebenarnya deena malas nak deena start merepek.dik yan what do u you think if the waiter ask you out?hahaha.i like that one a lot okay.sure rasa nak amik menu hempuk kat kepala harith kan.haha

but harith has been a nice boy lately tau yan.i wonder ape yang diajar oleh techer salmah kesayangan dia.haha.dia sgt rajin menolong deena mengemas dekat atas.oh oh.yan.harith tanya deena.on what age will deena get married.then deena tanya dia.why?are u so eager to get rid off me.haha.dia cakap"owh man.misti harith asyik kene nag dengan mak je"haha.

i dont knw what pictures to letak,so curi dari page dik yan lah such a grabber.haha.err that dosent sounds right.haha

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Part of the List

I think i'm losing the space that i like to invade.little by little.bit by bit.and at the end of the day there will be nothing left.If the space that i like to invade is fine with this way..what can i say.

I just have to accept whatever it is.Maybe the space is not meant for me.from then till now.never and never will be.maybe it is part of growing up.learn to accept things.Searching for new space.Searching for the space that welcome me with whole heartedly to be invaded.

Monday, April 27, 2009

we fight with intensity and dedication me.the title said it sisters and i used to fight with intensity for small and ridicoulous things.we love to hit each other nerve.just like cats and dogs.

1..My two sisters share a one used to be a lazy bum(tp skrg amat rajin)and one like her things to be neat.and everytime they have a disagreement on cleaning up their room,as the neat one like to nag a lot.the lazy bum one will used magic word as a weapon and shield.haha."dahla gemok"haha.the gemok word is so sensitive back then,it has a power to ignite more ridicoulous fight afterwards.they started to throw each other things and stuff and end up pulling each other hair.

2..The gemok word is sooo sensitive.Once we ate dinner as family.and my father said."deena dah gemok"hahaha.i end up sulking myself and stomp my feet..went to my bedroom and swear not to eat anymore(padahal perut bunyi2 time tu).hahaha

3.Im a bit impatience person during my adolescent period.Im a person who was easily tick off by small things.we used to fight was like a weekly event that is a must.we fight to win.haha.both of my sisters were scared off me back then .when they accidentally uttered something that was unfavorable's to my ears,they would immediately stop whatever they were saying and wouldnt dare to repeat the word again because they were afraid of my death stare(im good in giving "the death stare" which make them sweating profusely and even when they were watching their favourite programme,they were willing to go to their bedroom rather than sitting besides me while im staring at them)haha.evil btul.